We're Yanomo - pronounced with the same flow as "dynamo".

Our philosophy:
If you're running a service business, be good to people. They are your capital. Let them spend their time wisely. Let them work where they want to. Let them use a time tracking solution that doesn't add an extra layer of complexity, but blends into their workday without force.

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We love to work hard to make your life easier!

We believe software should work for you, not the other way around. We believe software should be non-obstrusive. We were like you: we've worked in complex projects, and believe that the right business tool will make you work more efficiently, and will go a long way to ensure everybody is on the same page.

We have been there as entrepreneurs. We used to run a service-based businesses, logging hours in Excel, not having any insights an perpetual complaints. That's why we have a simple mission: to make that dreaded daily chore something people actually look forward to.

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