Instructional videos
author By Team Yanomo, September 16, 2015

Need help getting up to speed? We've got you covered, whether you're an admin or an occasional user.

Using Yanomo, story one: The essence

In which Joost shows you the glorious ease of tracking your time in Yanomo. Targeted at first-time users.

Using Yanomo, story two: Setting up people and projects

In which Joost shows how you invite your co-workers, set up projects and manage them. Targeted at admins.

Using Yanomo, story three: Track, share & socialize

In which Joost shows you how Yanomo keeps you in the loop with your projects, to-do's and co-workers' activities. Targeted at all users.

Using Yanomo, story four: Being in firm control

In which Joost shows you how to phase a project, assign rates to users, projects and clients, and get granular reporting. Targeted at project managers.